Salubrious Cleaning Solutions: FAQs

Why should I choose Salubrious Cleaning Solutions LLC over your competitors?

There are many reasons why you should choose Salubrious Cleaning Solutions. As a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning business, we understand the needs of our neighbors and local businesses. As an eco-friendly cleaning company, we utilize products that don't contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your employees, guest, and the environment. Our team is expertly trained to provide the highest quality cleaning services for your Tampa area business or facility. We pride ourselves on customer service and being reliable to ensure we exceed your expectations for our cleaning service.

How often will you clean our business or facility?

We are able to providing cleaning services as often as required. We are also open to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning contracts so you can rest assured that your business is always clean and presentable.

What types of properties do you specialize in?

We provide commercial cleaning services for offices, restaurants, medical and healthcare facilities, and schools. If you want to find out if we serve your property contact us today.

How do I schedule a cleaning service?

To schedule a cleaning service in the Tampa, FL area you can call us at (813) 402-8080 or fill out a form here.

What type of cleaning services do your provide to office spaces?

Our team will keep your workplace sanitized and presentable. The professional cleaners at Salubrious Cleaning Solutions will dust your surfaces, mop your floors, disinfect bathrooms and kitchens, sanitize the office furniture and workstations, and clean your floors and carpets.

What type of cleaning services do you provide for restaurants?

It is important that your restaurant provides a sanitary environment for your workers and guests. We provide comprehensive routine and sanitizing services to provide a safe and healthy restaurant. This include sanitizing the tables, bar tops, chairs or booths, the flooring, and the restrooms. To schedule a commercial cleaning for your Tampa area business, call us today.

What type of cleaning services do you provide for medical and healthcare facilities?

For healthcare facilities is it of the highest importance to ensure the sanitation and disinfecting standards are met and exceeded. Through the use of non-toxic cleaning products we will eliminate the threat of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Trust our team to disinfect the exam rooms, waiting rooms, triage rooms, and other high traffic areas to keep everyone safe and healthy.

What type of cleaning services do you provide for schools?

With so much human contact and shared spaces, viruses and bacteria often spread throughout schools easily. We provide eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions to eliminate these contagions and contaminants to protect students and faculty alike. Trust us to clean and sanitize your Tampa area school from the top to the bottom. Our comprehensive cleaning solutions include: desks, cafeteria tables, bleachers, flooring, and restrooms.

Where do you offer your cleaning services?

You can rely on us for cleaning services in the Tampa, Carrollwood, West Chase, Lutz, and Odessa, FL areas. Want to find out if we serve your location? Call us today!

If you want to learn more about our eco-friendly cleaning services please reach out with any additional questions or inquiries. We're happy to provide you with any insights and answer any questions you may have.